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June 2014:
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English Tipplers

This site is dedicated to the advancement of an English Tippler Pigeon competition held around the globe in the spirit of friendship.

Not only longest time on the wing, but also the percentage of the daylight use will be listed in the results. This will make the competiton more fair for our tippler friends living farther south and also for the Australians who live way down south and want to participate as well. The 'International Tippler Flys' web site visitors can than tell from the results that 110% daylight use rating represents more time flown in dark than 95% even though the 95% may be a longer time flown.

The percentage rating is very simple. For example, a flyer who lives in an area where there is 15 hours daylight (on the competiton day) flys 15 hours - he gets 100% daylight rating. A flyer who lives lives in an area where there is 10 hours daylight (on the competiton day) flys 15 hours - he gets 150% daylight rating. The calculations will be done automatically down to the exact minutes and seconds.

Another thing in the rules is the 'hawk loss allowance' - more birds can be liberated, at least 3 must return. Two hawk attacks are permitted per day and the hawk attacks must be witnessed by the referee. The Austrian Tippler Club uses this rule and we (organizers) think it is a usefull rule for those who live in hawk infested areas.

Another thing that differs from the NTU rules is the honor system that may be used, for example, by an Australian flyer who lives 200 km from the nearest town. We believe you understand the fairness in this one. We know that many of you won't have any problems getting a referee in your area but some flyers living elsewhere in the world might.

The 'International Tippler Flys' competitions will be open to all who fly English Tipplers according to the 'International Tippler Flys' rules. The rules can be located under the link 'Fly Rules'. We hope this will help to give you a bit better picture of what has been prepared for tippler flyers around the globe.